The holidays are upon us, and many of you may be expecting house guests in the coming days. We have put together a little list to make hosting family easier on you…and your house!

1. Stock up on toiletries.

Don’t assume that your guests will pack shampoo and toothpaste. Make sure you have a variety of toiletries, and place them so they are easily accessible for those who are visiting. You may even want to grab a couple extra toothbrushes. It is hard to squeeze in a trip to the store when you already schedule full of events.

2. Prepare Towels and Wash clothes.

Keep a stack of fresh towels and wash clothes handy for your guests. You want everyone to feel at home, and you don’t want to have to fetch them a towel…especially if they are hollering for it from the shower!

3. Stock the fridge.

Pick up a variety of beverages and easy to grab snacks for your family. You may even give them a call before they arrive to see what kind of items they prefer.

4. Charge up.

Make outlets easily available so your guests can charge all of their devices. If your outlets are easy to spot your guests won’t have to crawl around unplugging things that need to stay powered up.

5. Enjoy the Holiday.

Don’t forget to take some time to relax, visit with your relatives, and just enjoy the holidays. The holidays are usually stressful enough. Don’t spend the weeks to come stressing out about the stress of your home or house guests.

An organized home can certainly make visitors feel welcome, and it can really make things easier for you. We hope that you found this small list helpful.

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