Pine Ridge Homes builds homes via the modular building systems method. What that means is that your home is partially build off-site and then transported to the jobsite. After your home arrives it is set on a permanent foundation, which is either a poured crawl space or basement. Then we begin work on the interior finish, exterior additions, mechanicals and scope of utility work. On the exterior we complete siding, shingle installation, decks, porches and garages. This is a very simplified version of what we do. Meet with us and we will discuss the construction process in greater detail.

The Quality You Deserve

Pine Ridge and our staff have over 50 years of combined off-site systems building experience and that knowledge is built into every Pine Ridge home. Building homes off-site in modular sections offers many advantages over conventional site-built construction methods such as..

Consistant quality

Homes built via modular building systems are superior quality due to numerous inspections and efficient building techniques throughout the construction process.

Energy Efficiency

Pine Ridge is committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials.

quality control inspections

Daily plant inspections by third party and in-plant inspectors ensure quality and state code compliance.

Precision engineering

Computer aided design (CAD) allows precision customization and flexibility in floor plan designs.

Superior strength

Homes constructed via modular building systems are amongst the strongest of all frame homes. Modular homes are built with 30% more framing and fastening materials to withstand the stress of transportation and setting.

cost savings

Construction time is reduced because site preparation and home construction are completed simultaneously. This reduction in time lowers the amount of interest payments.

climate controlled enviRONMENT

Building on jigs and constructing the home in a controlled environment results in a better quality product. This prevents harmful effects of the weather such as water damage.

high quality standard features

Our homes have great curb appeal, are constructed with numerous quality and name brand materials and come with a 10 year warranty. Ask your Pine Ridge representative for more information.

outstanding customer service

Pine Ridge Homes has a dedicated service department to provide professional service.