If you are interested in building a new home it is pretty common to ask about pricing very early in a conversation.  It doesn’t matter if it’s by phone, text, or email; it’s understandable and happens a lot.  People want to know where to start.

But unlike a car, truck, or mobile home dealership where sticker prices may be common, new home construction through a builder such as Pine Ridge Homes has many variables that come into play.

-Where are you building?  Location plays a role.  For example if we are building in counties near St. Louis, Springfield, Champaign, etc. materials and local codes can dictate differences in costs.  Different municipalities can mandate different construction requirements.

-Location plays a factor in septic system costs.  Some counties and local municipalities might be closer to $4,500 range whereas others might be $7-8,000 or even more for a septic system.  If you have city sewer, depths of sewer lines and tapping requirements vary from town to town and therefore costs vary.

-Do you have a water source?  Do you need us to tie into city or rural water, or is drilling a well needed?

-Do you want a crawlspace or basement?  Obviously there are differences in concrete costs based on what you want us to build.

-Are we building a garage, porch, or deck?  Most pictures on our website show garages and/or porches, and some show stone or brick on the exterior.  All of these site improvement services are offered and completed as part of our turn-key services.  Prices are determined based on what you want us to include, where you are located, and material selections.

Heating and cooling systems are installed on site and come with a 10 year parts warranty.  Do you want electric, gas, heat pump, geothermal……..is it going in the basement, in the garage, or elsewhere in the main level of the house?  All of these factors affect cost.

-Our homes come with a 10 year structural warranty, they are extremely energy efficient, and our building standards are second to none.  However, what amenities do you want in your home?  Cabinet design and features are customizable to fit your needs.  Do you want higher ceilings?  Bath fixtures, faucets, windows, doors, flooring, appliances, countertops, etc. all play a role in the final price.  Option totals can be lower for some clients and higher for others.

-What style of home do you want to build?  We offer ranch, cape cod and two story designs.  We often customize to meet your needs using our design software.  Size of home, style of home, complexity of on-site additions, etc. all effect the price.  If someone asks how much for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home…..it’s kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack.  What style of home are you wanting to build, lot requirements, site improvements, and most importantly your home budget, are all things we need to discuss so we know how to best help you.

When we try to answer a common cost question over the phone or by email we have no choice but to provide a large range.  For example, at any given time, we have home packages under construction ranging from $150,000-$750,000.  The reason for the large price range is due to all those variables I mention above.

If you can find time to visit us and tour our model homes, either during our normal business hours or by appointment, we would love to ask questions, take notes, and spend some time figuring out our “homework assignment” so that we can then quote something specific to your wants, needs, and budget.  We are not a high pressure establishment.

Everyone’s needs are different.  Our goal is to educate our clients about the building process and construction variables, while also educating ourselves about our clients’ wants and needs.  As our relationship builds we are confident we can customize a home package specifically for you.

We appreciate your interest and the opportunity to potentially earn your business!




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