Why should I choose Pine Ridge Homes as my builder? And why Pine Ridge Homes instead of (insert name here) builder?

Let’s tackle question number one. Why should I choose Pine Ridge Homes to build my home? I could give you all of the usual boring answers like… quality, integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence. We have all of that stuff, but doesn’t everyone say that. Hey, I just hit on it, everyone says that stuff but very few builders actually do the work and deliver on all of those promises like Pine Ridge does on a daily basis. We not only say it, we put it in writing and prove it every day at your build site. We have a fantastic staff and a fantastic product to build your new home. You can take our word for it or we can put you in touch with people that trusted us enough to build their home for them. Your Choice!

Question two. Why should I choose Pine Ridge Homes instead of any other builder? This question is easier to answer than the first one. The reason for that is simple, the answer to the first question is in this one.  Wow, pretty confusing right?! I can say our people, product, processes are outstanding…and they are. I can say we have over 50 years of construction experience…which we do. I can say we offer name brand materials, 10-year structural warranty, turn-key construction services, design software, and energy efficient building practices.  All of this is true, and we do it every day. The best way for you to answer this question is for you to come in to one of our two home centers and find out for yourself.



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