The home buying and building process can be daunting and sometimes a simple question like “How do I start?” seems like an almost embarrassing question to ask.  But, in reality, it’s an excellent question and one that should be asked more often.

At Pine Ridge Homes, we consider ourselves an authority at guiding you through the buying and building process.  With over 20 years in business, two locations and over 50 years of combined construction experience, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.  And speaking of steps, or visits, as we like to call them, let’s get started.

1.  Let’s talk!  The first step is we want to hear from you.  So schedule a visit to one of our locations.  We want to hear about your likes and dislikes, yes I said dislikes!  Sometimes learning what you don’t like helps us more than a wish list.  We want to LISTEN to you and get to know you.  As we learn from you we’ll also discuss our products and building processes.  Education is the key.  We learn from you and you learn from us.  You’ll learn realistic expectations of the building process.  You’ll also learn about the quality and value that is in every Pine Ridge Home.  We’ll learn about you and your needs and we’ll begin to consult with our team about how to best approach your project.

2.  We customize!  Pine Ridge wants to custom design a plan to meet your wants, needs and tastes.  We don’t just show you a model home and try to “make you a deal.”  That’s NOT what we want.  We want to help you with plan development specific to you and your family.  So the second step, or visit, is narrowing down a conceptual plan.  We listen to your ideas, coupled with our construction expertise, to help you find a sense of direction.  Then we utilize our architectural software to draw a plan especially for you.  Sometimes we start with one of our plans “tweaked” to accommodate your needs; sometimes it’s one from scratch that we design with you.  Either way we want and need your involvement.  Sometimes this second step in the process takes a couple of visits until we get a plan or design that starts to “click” with you.

3.  The third step in the process is discussing more specifics inside and outside of the home.  Inside colors and amenities are determined.  Outside options such as garages, porches, decks, etc. are also discussed.  This step in the process can be a lot of fun!  Your personal touches really begin to show as you customize the interior finishes and exterior looks that appeal most to you.

4.  The next step is typically a site visit.  With all the plan development up to this point, we now need to look at your home site.  This is when we “dial in” such details as concrete, power and water line sources, septic or sewer locations, and home delivery and equipment access.  Pine Ridge is a turn-key builder with a vast amount of building experience.  We need to see your property and individual site characteristics so there aren’t any surprises down the road.  The site visit is free of charge and it helps us, help you.  This is an information gathering session for us and helps us provide you with accurate pricing.

5. The next step is when we meet to review initial pricing. We analyze the home itself, the scope of utility work, on-site carpentry work, concrete and other site improvements that may be part of your home package.  We also review the individual home option pricing and make any necessary changes per your instructions.  This step in the process gives you a true indication of the complete home package pricing.  We have plenty of white out on hand to make deletions or changes!

6. Visit number six is when we transition to final pricing. Any changes we have made along the way are revised and a complete type up of your entire package is reviewed with you.  Loan preapprovals have most likely been discussed in previous meetings.  Whether you are utilizing a bank of your own or one that we may have suggested somewhere along the way, this final pricing is typically what the bank needs to get appraisals moving forward in the loan process.  Home prints may also be available at this time depending on your banking needs.  This is when everything we have worked towards finally comes together and we can move forward with building your new home!

So……… that you know how to start and a little more about the process, don’t be scared or intimidated.  We have plenty of tools available for you to learn more.  Our website is filled with information.  Our Facebook page is a huge source of pictures and information as well.  We also have a Buyer’s Guide publication that has been a great resource if you want to stop by and pick one up.

Most importantly, VISIT US!  We do not bite and we are not high pressure!  A home purchase is most likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make.  Pine Ridge Homes does not take that lightly.  We want to earn your business.  So visit us, get to know us, see what we have to offer……and let us demonstrate what we can do for you!



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