I enjoy watching HGTV, DIY and pinning my favorite looks as much as the next person! These creative outlets can lure us in with beautiful ideas. As wonderful as they are, they can be quite costly and we have to choose wisely, keeping our budget in mind.

For example, a very nice client came in to our Benton design center to discuss her future home project. For the purposes of this story we will call her Sally.  Just like most of our clients, Sally was looking for ideas for her kitchen. Cabinet style, cabinet color, islands, flooring, etc. Sally found the PERFECT kitchen on Pinterest. Sally was so excited to finally have that part of the build behind her. The kitchen decision in her mind was done. Sally called me up and scheduled a time that she and I could look over her new kitchen and put her plan into action. When Sally came in she showed me several pictures of the kitchen from every angle. In my mind I was on high alert. Then it happened. Sally asked me my thoughts on the kitchen. When I did not share in her enthusiasm her emotions dropped off the table. It was not the fact if I liked it or not, the fact of the matter was that it was awesome. It was beautiful and perfect for Sally. Unfortunately, I knew something that Sally did not, I knew what this kitchen would cost. I also knew Sally’s budget. So, when I explained the reasons behind my non-excitement of this kitchen that she had clearly taken mental ownership of, her body language changed and her excitement for this kitchen was gone. The facts on her kitchen…… counter tops – $6,000, cabinets – $20,000, appliances – $8,000, backsplash and flooring – $6,500. The total for this kitchen is over $40,000. HGTV, DIY, and Pinterest show you great things but very rarely explain to the Sally’s of the world the cost of these fantastic kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in closets, and living rooms. Affordability can affect people at all levels and it’s important to consult with us during the planning stages of your design.

This story does have a happy ending though, we were able to recreate some of the things that Sally liked in the kitchen and give her a great home that fit into her budget.  And, a home that she and her family will be proud of for many years to come. We can also report that Sally is now famous for being written about and put on Facebook and other social media platforms with her kitchen story. Good for you Sally and don’t ever stop pinning!




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