Pine Ridge Homes…….a leader in factory construction and THE premier builder in downstate Illinois for turn-key residential construction.

Did you know?
-Pine Ridge Homes transitioned into drywall, steeper roof pitches, basement frames, and site improvement services before any other factory home competitor/retailer in Southern Illinois.
-Pine Ridge Homes formed relationships with local banks years ago and offered more competitive financing packages for our customers while other competitors relied on national lenders and brokers despite higher closing costs and interest rates for their customers.
-Pine Ridge Homes introduced factory suppliers that offered floor plan customization far before our competitors.  While others picked from decor boards…we designed homes specific to our clients.
-Pine Ridge Homes started competing with traditional site construction years ago due to our flexibility of residential offerings, competitive financing packages, and turn-key home packages including initial dirt work and concrete, to utilities, on site carpentry, custom flooring, brick or stone exteriors…all the way through finish painting and cleaning crews.
-Pine Ridge has been building with modular construction for the past 15 + years offering more value and better long term investments for our customers.
-Pine Ridge has been building with 100% modular factories for over a decade.  Higher build of materials, higher appraisal values, total customization, name brand products such as Anderson, Tyvek, Owens Corning, Kohler and Delta to name just a few……are all a result of the suppliers we choose.  Our factories offer more product benefits to the customer and separate us from the competition.
-Pine Ridge has always built our business on service during and after the sale.  No one is perfect.  So we go the extra mile with service technicians and our reputable business partners to ensure customer satisfaction, quality products, and follow up with our customers if needed.
-Pine Ridge Homes has been using in house architectural software for the past several years.  We’ll meet with you, discuss wants and needs and learn about your family; then design a plan specific for you and have our factories build it.  Your dream home can be your reality.
Do you see any trends?
Pine Ridge Homes is a leader in the industry.  We research, we innovate, we change and adapt to better serve our customers.  We care about how you spend your hard earned dollars.  We want you to be satisfied and happy with your decision to choose Pine Ridge Homes as your builder of choice.  We want to look out for your investment and we take pride in our work and pride in the quality of the end product that we provide for families throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.  “Quality Homes for Quality Living” is not just a slogan, it’s what we strive for every day.
Come tour our model homes and see what we can do for you.  We would appreciate an opportunity to earn your business.
God Bless.



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