Site Preparation

Some basics about the building process

A typical timeframe of moving into a factory built home you have purchased varies depending on what kind of home package you are building. The style of home, size of the project, scheduling, and weather all come into play during the construction process. The process can take anywhere from 4-5 months depending on those factors. This is much faster than traditional construction.

Site preparation plays a key role in the construction of a new home. All homes need to be set on a solid foundation. This could consist of a poured/formed wall crawlspace or a basement depending on the home package you choose. This initial step in the construction process is key. With quality in mind we build according to the factory specifications. There are no cutting corners at Pine Ridge Homes. We keep you informed all the way through the process. That way there are no surprises. We do things right the first time, we don't know any other way. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

Concrete work and foundations

If you custom order your new home, Pine Ridge will coordinate any concrete work that is involved and attempt to have this work completed while the factory is constructing your new home. This streamlined approach will enable you, the customer, to receive your new home as soon as possible. This aids in the delivery process to our customers.

Poured walls and basements are common options available for your new home. Prices vary of course depending on the size of home you are building. Pine Ridge Homes also offers on-site additions such as garages and porches. Utility work and excavating are also services we offer.

Once again we at Pine Ridge take the time to explain the services we offer to you. We feel that the procedures we go through, and the time we spend with you, the customer, help us build a lasting relationship as well as making you a more informed consumer.

Pine Ridge uses all professional personnel to build your new home in a timely and professional manner.