About Us

Pine Ridge Homes is a leading "off-site built" home builder servicing Central and Southern Illinois, Western Indiana, and Eastern Missouri. Pine Ridge Homes is a family-owned custom homebuilder. Founded in 1998, Pine Ridge Homes offers "systems-built homes" which are custom built off-site in a climate controlled facility. Pine Ridge Homes and our suppliers have consistently modernized our construction methods and technology over the years, and we have used that experience to build the finest quality homes.

Every home that is built is made up of systems like the heating, plumbing, and electrical system. When building a "systems built off site home", we break everything down into a system (floors, walls, ceilings/roofs, plumbing, electrical, etc) and precision engineer those systems into modular sections using the latest computer aided drafting methods and modern fastening systems.

Some people ask if our homes are as well built as a site-built home and our reply is "yes, and in many respects our homes are built better." We can say this with confidence knowing that the weather does not impact our product integrity and that our in-plant quality control procedures and thrid party inspections ensure the excellence of our product.

We build custom ranch, cape, two-story, and duplex floor plan designs in a multitude of custom elevations and we also create total custom designs to meet the desires of today's homebuyers.